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General Description

The 1960 - 1966 vintage trucks were equipped with a wide range of tube or tubeless tires and wheels selected according to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and type of service of the particular truck. The dual rear wheel option was also expanded to include the C20 series trucks and, on heavy duty series, cast spoke wheels were also available.

The wheels on both my 1964 C60 and 1966 C60 are 2-piece, split rim, Firestone RH-5 style wheels, which have come to be known as the "widow-maker". The wheels on my 1966 C60 are in great shape and the tires look to have extremely low mileage and still are clean with no signs of dry rot due to outgassing. I plan on bleeding off the air on a couple, breaking then down and doing an inspection. If they look to be in serviceable condition, they will be media blasted, painted and reused. I have a local shop with a cage and experience working with these style wheels.

Another option will be to use Accuride 28160 1-piece wheels (specifications shown below). These wheels, when used in conjunction with 10-22.5 tubeless tires, are the equivalent of the stock 2-piece, split rim, Firestone RH-5 style wheels and 9.00-20 tube bias ply tires.


While investigating the web for a resource for Accuride 28160 wheels for my restoration I came across Wheels Now, Inc. Their web indicated they could supply these wheels so I gave them a call. I had a great conversation with Mike, their Sales Manager.  Mike indicated they currently have Accuride 28160 wheels in stock and the going price is $335/wheel. Mike also said that they are working with an overseas manufacturer who will be building these wheels for them and sometime after the first of the year they should have an order of 40 delivered to them. Mike said these wheels will be manufactured to existing Accuride specifications and quality standards and will be in the $200 - $225 per wheel price range.

Mike indicated Wheels Now, Inc. has had many inquiries regarding the Accuride 28160 wheels and, realizing the demand, is pursuing the partnership with their overseas manufacturing facility. When these new wheels become available I will be purchasing one (1) wheel to assess quality and fitment onto my truck. If everything looks good I'll be ordering six (6) more (6 plus a spare).

I will post pictures and report on the quality and craftsmanship of these new overseas wheels once I get one delivered. I am excited that we will now have a resource for these obsolete wheels.