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General Description

The I-Beam axles used on all 50-80 series trucks are of the conventional reverse Elliott type, with solid king-pins and delrin or bronze bushed steering knuckles. The springs are Chevrolet Vari-Rate, bushed at the front eye only and mounted to a rigid hanger. The rear end of the spring rides in a special hanger designed to provide a relatively low spring rate at curb loads with increased rate at higher loads. Wheel bearings are tapered roller type for all models.




60 Series Wheel Hub and Bearings

60 Series Steering Knuckle & King-Pin

          1. Dust Cover
          2. Tapered wheel bearings
          3. Wheel hub
          4. Lug bolt
          5. Spindle shaft 

          1. King-pin
          2. Bushing
          3. King-pin locking pin
          4. Zerk fitting
          5. Thrust bearing


King Pins

My 1964 C60 has a 22,000 GVWR and the front axle has number 3852522 GM6 cast into the axle. This is a 7000 pound front axle assembly which calls for king pin set with GM part number 3853994. Luckily, this is available at my local NAPA store and, using their interchange lookup, is available in their NAPA Chassis Parts product line with Part Number: NCP 2621462



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