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The Disassembly Process

Taking apart a light duty truck can essentially be done alone with only occasional assistance from a friendly neighbor. However, taking apart a medium duty truck is slightly more daunting because, by and large, everything is bigger. A lot of the disassembly process is fairly straightforward and I really didn't follow any specific sequence. I did, however, try to remove as many parts as I could yet still keep the truck running. It's easy to push a 1/2 ton pickup around the yard, but not a medium duty. My 1963 Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual and 1960-1966 Chevrolet/GMC Truck Factory Assembly Manual provide detailed information regarding how to put these vehicles back together, but nothing can beat a picture for future reference.

No matter how many pictures you take, you will always miss something that will leave you scratching your head a year later when it comes time to reassemble everything. When this happens I look to the internet to see if I can find some pictures from another enthusiast embarking on a similar restoration. In addition to providing a pictorial history of this project, I also want to provide these images in the hope that others may scrape together some information when such memory problems are encountered.

Disassembly Set #1





Disassembly Set #2





Disassembly Set #3




Disassembly Set #4





Disassembly Set #5




Disassembly Set #6




Disassembly Set #7






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